Sunday, July 15, 2007

Welcome to my world!

Hello family, friends, students, siestas etc.

What a priviledge it is to share my thoughts with you. The reason for my blog name forgiving--forgiven is the Lord has taught me much about why and how to forgive others, including myself. This began happening when I realized how much the Lord loved me and how much He wanted to forgive me. I am forgiven and continue to learn to forgive.

My first feelings of guilt and shame began very young in life. I was abused beginning back as far as I can remember. My parents were divorced when I was three years old and my mom and I moved to live with her sister and her husband in a little town in West Virginia. My mom had and still suffers from mental illness. The effects of abuse really made me a messed up individual. Long story short, after being in a very dark, deep pit, now I am free! Praise the Lord!

This is just a brief intro about where I am coming from as I post my thoughts. Forgiveness has always been a struggle for me but with the Lord's help I have forgiven much because I have been forgiven much.

Love ya
Kristi B.

Love ya
Kristi B.


Carla said...

Hi Kristie, My name is Carla. I 'm so glad to finally figure out how to write back to other siesta's. I read where you are planning om going to the conferencein Nashvile,Tn. in September. I live in Knoxville,Tn. and was wondering if you would like to meet and go together. It would be great to meet you, another beth crazee. I just love her. Well, write back and let me know how you feel about this and maybe a new friendship will be born Love much, Carla

connorcolesmom said...

I also so that you are going to Nashville. I have a bunch of siestas going and we are all meeting up at the conference. We also have some fun t-shirts that we will be wearing (they are lime green with LPM SIESTAS on the front) so look for us!!
Also, if you do not have a hotel room I have one in the hotel right next to the conference center. I have 2 left.
Contact me via my e-mail or blog!!
I am looking forward to it!
God bless,