Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Day

My thoughts today have been with Beth Moore and her family as her daughter Melissa was married. I love weddings! A precious youg lady in our church will be married in a couple of weeks. It hardly seems possible that this cute little girl I remember when we first came to Mount Vernon will soon be wed. My husband will be helping with the reception. I know he will make it beautiful.

Sometimes I wish I could be a bride again, and then I remember I will one day! We are the bride of Christ and one day our Groom will come for us!

None of my students got engaged on Valentines Day. This is a first. Every year I have at least one very excited young lady showing off her ring in class. Ah, the excitement of young love!

I will soon be visiting with one of the young ladies that did Beth Moore's Hope Encounter study with me. By the way, I would highly reccommend this study to anyone that has or is dealing with abuse issues. It changed both of our lives. I haven't seen her in a while and am looking forward to catching up.

I have been asked to be in my church's Easter Cantata. I will be part of the drama. I am playing a women dealing with bitterness associated with her father leaving her as a young girl. I will literally be bound in chains in one part and Jesus will break off links one by one as I am set free. I think most of you know that my parents were divorced when I was three and I rarely saw my father. But the Lord did set me free from the dysfunction caused by this event. I can't help but think of Beth Moore's study of Breaking Free as I prepare for this role. I was blessed to be able to facilitate this study. Now Beth is revisiting this study and it seems I am also revisiting the theme of this study as I play the role of Laura. Praise you Lord! Thank you for the chance to communicate the powerful healing message of Breaking Free once again!

Love to you all as we celebrate this season of love!
Kristi B.