Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He is Holy

What an amazing week so far! The Lord is working miracles all over the place! And isn't it a great time for miracles! Well I guess any time is great for miracles, but I am just sayin. I mean it is a special week and all.

We have a mission team here with us from the great state of Georgia. (homeland of some of my favorite siestas!) They have been doing egg hunts at most of our mission sites. We are seeing lots of kids getting the Gospel Message, perhaps for the first time. Praise You Lord! Jesus saves! Jesus saves!

Just read about siesta Patty's monetary miracle! Been there when the Lord just brings the funds right to you, right when you need them! He isn't always early, but He is always right on time!

Was able to bless our administrative assistant at work with a bike for her 9 year old daughter. She is not a Christian, in fact she calls me one of THOSE people, but I think sometimes actions present the Gospel in a way words cannot. I think she may be softening a little. If you think of it, please pray for her. Her name is Susan.

So many other miracles too. Seeing the sun pop through the clouds, flowers blooming, and I have to mention the new precious life from one of my "adopted daughters" that came into the world this past weekend!

I don't always notice the miracles, but this week, especially, I want to remember He is THE Miracle-Worker and He is Holy!